Gillespie Avenue House

Gillespie Avenue House - View from Sidewalk

The Gillespie Avenue House is one part Charleston and one part Palladio. Its three story height captures Sarasota’s east-west breeze to cool the interior. As wind blows across the surface of the roof, a slight vacuum is created on the downwind side, functioning like the sail on a boat. This vacuum is captured through one of the four operable windows located on each of its elevations, depending on the direction of the prevailing breeze. Positive pressure caused by internal heat rising up the central stairwell meets with the vacuum at the down-wind window opening, and active ventilation is created through an augmented stack effect.

Read more about the green design principles at work in the small green homes. The Gillespie Avenue house has:

  • 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths with Multi-purpose Room
  • 2,600 SF total constructed area
  • 1,610 SF climate-controlled living space
  • 9′-0″ ceiling height in 1st floor
  • 9′-0″ ceiling height in 2nd floor
  • 7′-0″ sloped ceiling in the 3rd floor