Ultra Tranformation on Casey Key

View Toward Living Room- Casey Key Renovation

This builder home from the early 80s had never been renovated, and was disastrously conceived to begin with. The design flaws were too numerous to describe here, but the major ones were that the vaulted Living Room ceiling sloped down and down toward the bay, compressing the space and shutting off the view. Strangely, a significant volume of space was dedicated to the attic and not usable as storage. Also, the old entrance to the home was hidden from the front of the house and had to be accessed through the side yard. I helped my clients avail themselves of the opportunities that the house did offer: we raised the roof over the Living Room to open up the views toward the bay, reclaimed space from the attic and situated it within the overall volume of the newly-joined Kitchen, and constructed a new and attractive entrance. My client is an artist, did much of the interior design work, and made some of the furnishings and decorations herself!