Geraldson Farm Barn and Caretaker’s Residence


Geraldson Farm Barn - Community Porch

The Geraldson Farm is a 20 acre community-supported agricultural institution in northwest Bradenton. The farm provides locally grown organic vegetables to over 200 CSA members for seven months of the year. The new Barn and Caretaker’s Residence honors the traditions of rural agriculture buildings while meeting the needs of this 21st century institution. To enhance the sustainable mission of the farm, a variety of green building strategies were included in this project:

  • An Integrated Water Management Plan that includes 4,400 gallon rainwater cistern system, gray water recovery, condensate reclamation, and WaterSense fixtures
  • Efficient building shell assembly: R-19 spray-applied wall and floor insulation, vented rain screen system, and improved attic ventilation
  • Improved climate control system including high-efficiency heat pump unit, low-ozone depletion refrigerant, and mastic-sealed duct joints
  • Low-toxicity interior finishes: paints, adhesives and flooring
  • Low-toxicity termite control: bait-type termite system in lieu of sprayed ground-saturating termiticide
  • Locally manufactured steel building frame, window units and drywall finishes